What are the different types of logos?

Are you in the process of your logo development? As you create your new brand identity, logos are a perfect way to help establish your persona while setting you apart from competitors.

As you explore your logo design options, keep these elements in mind.

Elements of a Logo

Logos are fundamental to telling your brand’s story. The different types of logos empower you to explore your character traits and brand perception.

Like pixels to a picture, logos have a variety of elements that help tell your story. There are typographic elements, geometric elements, pictorial elements, symbolic elements, ornamental design elements, and others. The main types of logotypes are abstract logos, letter logos, wordmarks (logotypes), and symbols. Most logo types also include special variations that can create an infinite number of possibilities.

Let’s check out some examples.

Abstract logos

Abstract logos are combinations or arrangements of one or more non-representational objects or shapes that represent a company name or brand. For example, these logo designs may use geometric forms such as lines and circles; forms such as leaves and stones; or purely abstract minimalist shapes.

Letter logo types

Lettertype logos are exactly how they sound. For these logo types to work well, they need careful attention to detail.

Letter types often use pictorial elements to represent the brand name. The letter types provide a clear and simple way to present information graphically.

But, you shouldn’t over-design the elements. The point is to have an attractive visual appearance and that it’s legible.

You can stylize the letters to add interest – either by using unusual forms for familiar letters or by creating new types that are based on combinations of more than one letter.

Pictorial logo types

Pictorial logos are iconic brand elements.

The types of pictorial logos may be either literal types (representational) or abstract types (non-representational). These logotypes could represent a variety of things: people, animals, and everyday objects.

As a stand-alone, you can still easily identify the brand.

Emblem logo types

Emblem logos are a traditional type of logos. It features text, a symbol, or imagery within a geometric shape.

These logotypes look like a seal or stamp. While often less versatile than other logos, they still create a remarkable presence in the competitive space.

Wordmark logotype

Wordmarks (logotypes) use letter types to create a unique design for a business name. This type of logo is aesthetically very strong as word types appear simple, clean, and affordable. However, don’t overcomplicate things. The point of a Wordmark logo is to be modern, clear, and concise.

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