What Makes a Good Brand?

Everyone has that one product, service, or company they can’t say no to.  

But why? What pulls us to some brands over others?

Is it magic? Is it science? Psychology? or art?

The correct answer – it’s all of the above.

A Good Brand = Brand Loyalty

Ultimately, the best brands create a sense of loyalty among users. Loyal fans turn into more referrals. More referrals mean more customers.

To build brand loyalty, consider these four pillars that make up a good brand: identification, emotional connection, consistency, and exclusivity.

A Good Brand Establishes a Brand Identity

The first thing people want when they see something new is to be able to identify with it.

If you can build an identity around the product that people build for themselves, then you’re good; you’ll build brand loyalty because people will find their need for your product met by what your product offers them.

There are ways to build this too; simple color schemes tend to work well enough.

For the best results, work with a branding professional.

A Good Brand Creates an Emotional Connection

People connect emotionally with a lot of things: a brand, a person, or even an inanimate object.

There are many things you can do to build this connection: good customer service, giving back to the community, telling impact stories, or showing the people behind the brand.

This emotional connection builds feelings of appreciation and gratitude for your company from others which in turn creates positive emotions about your product, service and builds brand loyalty.

A Good Brand Shows Up Consistently

When building up a strong identity, don’t forget to show up consistently. Use the same color schemes across all avenues, add the same logo, and implement the same tone and language across all marketing channels.

People need time to build up connections with your company so when you frequently change things or are chaotic, it can leave a bad taste.

A Good Brand Creates Exclusivity

A good brand identity creates a certain exclusivity around your brand because then they know that what they’re buying from you, no one else is going to have. Think about the difference between Teslas and Hondas. Two distinct audiences. However, Tesla provides luxury services that Honda can’t.

In Summary

So now you have an idea about why good brands build good brands: simple right? Sometimes a good brand takes a strategic focus to drive your goals forward. If you need help with your branding efforts, reach out to the branding professionals at Woods Creative.

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